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What to do in Antique : Igpasungaw Falls


After climbing Bugtong Bato falls and finding it easy, Flord mentioned that there is a bigger falls that we could go to.  we thought to go to the Igpasungaw Falls in Sebaste, Antique. The challenge in this falls is endurance, balance, determination, and teamwork.The town of Sebaste, Antique is formerly

Mararison Island Guide


 Our Boracay, Aklan vacation was not limited to the white sand and party by the beach. Our itinerary was stretched to some of the best tourist destinations in the province of Antique.In Tibiao, Antique, the highlights of our day tour were the Kawa Hot Bath experience, Foot Spa Treatment by

Explore Antique : Ultimate Guide of Pandan Antique


Our final itinerary for our ultimate 10-day trip around the northwest of Panay Island ended in the Municipality of Pandan, Antique.  We've been to Mararison and Tibiao prior to this. It is just about two hours’ drive away from the Philippines top tourist destination, Boracay Island. Going to Pandan, Antique

Romblon’s Hidden Gem: Cresta De Gallo


The Philippines offers many pristine white sand beaches. And, Cresta de Gallo is only one of these many quiet, secluded and white sand beaches.The Romblon Province is now making a name as one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines. Lies in it are the natural attractions including Looc

Travel Guide of Tibiao, Antique: Kawa Hot Bath, River Tubing and More

Get out of town. Get into an extreme water adventure, unplugged from social media and treat your skin in a hot spa bath. You can get all these in a remote area such as Tibiao, Antique.When we arrived in Tibiao, Antique, it is quiet but not scary quiet. It actually

What to do in Camp N Nuvali : For the adventure Seekers

Nuvali in Laguna is a multipurpose development with residential communities and commercial establishments located outside the Metro Manila. Just recently, a new space was opened to give its residents and visitors something new to add on must-try when in Nuvali.We visited Camp N Nuvali when my friend, Riva, decided to