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Anti Aging Facials at Miss Esthe PH ( Uptown Mall)

Miss Esthe PH

Pamper Time at Miss Esthe PH

Getting myself at Miss Esthe is a real treat. This Japanese beauty clinic has over 3 decades of experience honing their craft of treating and beautifying women’s skin. They’ve developed amazing techniques, technology, and products for skin treatments over the decades so much so that they’ve established over 50 beauty clinics all over Asia.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
Entrance of Ms. Esthe

            Miss Esthe PH’s beauty clinic that I went to is located on the 2nd floor of Uptown Mall at Bonifacio Global City and they just opened last September 2017. My entire experience at their beauty clinic was a delight as always.

The best thing about them Miss Esthe’s staff of “Esthetisticians” is that they’re highly trained by experienced masters in Japan. They combine the skills and efficiency from their Japanese training with Filipino hospitality which creates an all-around amazing experience for their customers.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
Products of Ms Esthe

Another great thing about them is that they understand that their customer’s skin all have different needs and customize their treatments depending on the condition and the needs of their customer’s skin. An important thing to note is that their treatments and products are all non-invasive. Plus, they use advanced technology to help bring out the best radiant skin their clients can have.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
Reception area of Ms Esthe

My Entire Pampering Experience: Anti-Aging Facial

            Amidst the Christmas rush, I was barely sleeping and I noticed that it’s taking a toll on my skin, particularly my face. So I set aside 1.5 hours in my day just so I can get my face pampered. They offer non-invasive facial treatments at Ms. Esthme which is exactly what I need.

From my last visit in a different clinic, I had a Visia and  Skywalker treatment, I learned that I have  open pores which means that any type of “pricking” facials can worsen that condition.  I signed up to get  Ms. Esthe’s  Anti-aging package service which costs Php 3000. It may seem expensive but it includes a lot  of great non-invasive treatments that are recommended for my skin type and skin condition.


Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
Step 1: Cleansing

            Using one of their products, Miss Esthe’s “Estetician” gently cleaned my face to get rid of all make-up and other impurities on my face. My face felt very refreshed afterward.

D-Sonic Probe Machine

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
D Sonic Machine at Ms Esthe

            I wouldn’t call this next step painful but I did feel a slight stinging from the machine as it goes in an upward motion on my face. I learned that the slight stinging sensation is caused by the machine’s ultrasound micro-vibrations which helped clean out my pored from blackheads and whiteheads. It also removes dead skin cells and impurities on my face.


Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

            I got a very destressing face massage next which was very good. They actually massaged my face, my neck, and all the way down to my shoulders. It was very relaxing and I was quite lucky because those are usually my problem areas where I hold tension. Though the very purpose of the massage is to help the skin to easily absorb the product and give it long-lasting effects. I think that it also helped with the circulation of my neck so it’s perfect.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

Sonic Face Lift

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

            By this point, I was very relaxed because of the massage, so I barely noticed when they started the next procedure. But I learned afterward that the Sonic Face Lift helps a lot with anti-aging. This procedure uses a type of machine that gives very fast vibrations which improve the skin’s elasticity, tightens and gives it some firmness. This treatment really lifts the skin and even helps to detoxify it.

Bio Mask

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

            Next up is the bio mask where they literally placed a mask attached to wires on my face. It’s supposed to improve the texture of my skin. This is my favorite part because I slept for the whole 10-15 minute procedure.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

            They gently cleansed my face again afterward and placed on a brightening mask. Next, they exposed my face to bright red LED lights with provided eye covers, of course. It lasts for 10 minutes that helps in the increase of collagen production in the skin.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
Led Lights for Collagen

            And the very last step is a very relaxing back massage. Honestly, for Php 3000, I paid for great facial treatments that gave my face whitening, cleaning deep skin impurities, facelifts, anti-aging, and a relaxing back massage. I felt that it was really worth after the entire procedure.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

Other Miss Esthe PH Services

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall

            Now I booked an appointment for their Anti-aging Procedure because of my specific skin needs. But they have a selection of other skin treatments and procedures that can address your specific skin needs. All of their treatments are non-invasive and are honed for decades so it’s a no brainer if you want to try out any of their services.

Ms Esthe Facials at Uptown Mall
Awesome Staff at Ms. Esthe PH
Services Costs
Anti-aging Php 3,000
Instant Lifting Php 2,000
Whitening Php 1,700
Deep Whitening Php 2,300
Acne Treatment Php 1,500
Deep Acne Treatment Php 2,100
Sensitive Skin Treatment Php 1,500
Open Pores Treatment Php 1,500
Glass Facial Php 750

How to Book

            For your own facial treatments customized to fit your skin type and address your skin conditions, you can book an appointment at Miss Esthe PH as well. They’re open every day from 10 AM to 11 PM but of course, it’s best to set an appointment in advance so read the information below to see how.

            Call Miss Esthe at 0935 336 4720 or 851-4120

            Send them a message at their Facebook Page

            Or inquire at their website

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