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8 Reasons to Stay in Amorita,Panglao, Bohol


8 Reasons to Visit Amorita


I had just gotten back from spending 4 months around the European continent. I had been telling my friends all along that I was eager to hit the beach upon my return, especially after months of seeing mostly mountains and cities. And lo, by some stroke of luck I got my chance! I had gotten invited to an event to be held in beautiful Bohol. It was AirAsia’s launch of their newest in-flight menu, the Santan. Of course, I said “yes” to the invitation!

I remember years back I had visited Bohol with a friend from Canada. I had told her that someday, I wanted to stay at the renowned Amorita Hotel, located in Panglao Island. Imagine my delight when I found out that Amorita will be hosting the event we will be attending! The beach and Amorita — this trip is like hitting two birds with one stone.

For all my excitement, Amorita didn’t disappoint! As my trip concluded, I had been convinced that there are lots of reasons to stay at this hotel. Let me share them with you.

  1. A Green Hotel. Amorita is one of only 10 hotels on the Philippines to be given the Green Hotel title. This means that the hotel not only minimizes its environmental footprint, it also helps its surrounding environment thrive! Wouldn’t you want to support an establishment with an Earth-friendly mission?


  1. Lovely swimming pools. There are two swimming pools in Amorita. First is the infinity pool by the lobby/cliff deck, overlooking the Panglao beach. It’s not ideal for sunset watching (since the sun doesn’t set by the beach side), but it would be a perfect site for late afternoon cocktails over a great view.
picture by Moe Tendencia

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The second one is close to the hotel’s Saffron restaurant. It is divided into three segments, the middle one of which is for babies and toddlers. There is also a sundeck for those who just wish to relax by the poolside. The variety of pools makes Amorita perfect for either couples or families.


  1. Green and big grounds. If you wish to take a nice, long walk, Amorita offers its sizeable grounds. The place is big enough to offer privacy to those who would like to enjoy some peace and quiet. There are lots of nooks and crannies where you can just sit and reflect while relaxing.

  1. A secret beach! Yes, Amorita’s own beach may not be as big as Panglao’s. However, it’s still perfect for a good beach view! It’s also great for those times when you wish to admire the beauty of the ocean in silent wonder.
Shot by Monique Tendencia . Laptop sleeve by Woven.Ph
  1. Big rooms. While there, we stayed in the hotel’s Junior Suite Room. It’s spacious, with a minimalist design of wood, stone, and wickerwork. Perfect for a beach setting! The bed is very comfortable, and the fluffy pillows were heavenly. Just the means to shrug off the fatigue and cares of the city.


Entering the room, guests are greeted with a lounge on which stands a basket of fruits. Amorita sure knows how to express a warm welcome! The basics are all there, with a flat-screen TV, mini bar, and safety-deposit vault. The toiletries they provide are also interesting, since they’re all made from organic products (just what you’d expect from a Green Hotel). There’s a complementary WiFi access, and they even provide a native buri bag you can carry around at the beach! The rooms are also all fresh and well-maintained, as Amorita conducts twice-a-day housekeeping rounds.


Aside from the Junior Suite, we also experienced being in one of their private villas. This comes complete with a private pool! Of course, it’s great for unwinding. But as a freelancer, I kept thinking that this is my ideal place to work. We enjoyed this pool very much during our stay, and we had a lot of bonding moments. Work was tossed to the back-burner during this time, but I can imagine going back there one day both to relax and to be productive.

Picture by Monique Tendencia


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  1. Free mountain bike rentals. For the fitness and nature buffs, this is a great way to pass the time. My roommate Kara actually borrowed one and used it to bike around town! This helps the Green Hotel motif by providing a zero-carbon means of transportation. As for me, I chose to spend the time sleeping. I still felt the effects of jetlag, but had I been more awake I would have joined her.

  1. The food is really good! Of course, we went there primarily to taste the Santan Menu that AirAsia just launched. But that was far from the only gastronomic treat we had during our stay.


There are two dining choices for hotel guests. The first is the Tomar Tapas Bar, with a Spanish theme. It offers the traditional Spanish take on appetizers (“tapas”) as well as a lot of other tasty dishes! I fell in love with their Paella Negra, Chorizo, Calamares, and Ratatouille. If you’d like to have a drink, there’s also some great sangria from the bar.

The second one is the Saffron Restaurant, which offers native Boholano dishes as well as other Filipino food. Behind its concept is Chef Raphael Onchiong. There are also Asian and Western options to choose from. Breakfasts at Saffron consist of a buffet meal, with various dishes such as fish, meat, and vegetables. Menus change everyday, so if you’re staying at Amorita for more than a night you would be treated to a revolving door of breakfast options! The food is really good, and the portions are satisfying.


  1. The Sea Tree Spa. If you wish to take your relaxation to the next level, the Sea Tree spa would be your best bet. Expert therapists offer top-notch massage sessions. It’s a great way to ease off the tiredness after enjoying the various activities Panglao and the rest of Bohol has to offer. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try this but a friend of mine who did, said it was worth it.


The entire Amorita hotel is located atop a cliff, which leads straight down to the wonderful views of Alona Beach. This is a prime location that would set it apart from most other hotels and resorts. If there’s ever the perfect home away from home when you the wonderful province of Bohol, this is it.

36 thoughts on “8 Reasons to Stay in Amorita,Panglao, Bohol

  1. I absolutely love the photo of you on the floating unicorn! It sounds like a truly amazing place to visit.

  2. Wow, I must say that this Hotel is really great. I love all what they can offer that really suit my interest. I love to traipse my feet on their secret beach while listening to the waves kissing the coast. The food is something I should love to experience here as well. The food seemed to be really luscious. I love how spacious the rooms as well. I hope to come here soon. Thank you so much for sharing. By the way, you own a lovely photos.

  3. Wow, you are so lucky that you got to stay in Amorita for free! I don’t have that many “dream destinations” in the Philippines, to be honest, but Amorita is one of the few that I would really love to go to. In fact, I inquired from them last year for a possible stay but it didn’t happen. Maybe next time! I just love their infinity pool (one of the many) and I can already imagine how beautiful my photos would turn out if I go. The rooms are gorgeous too! This post makes me want to book a trip to Bohol just to stay in Amorita, and nothing else!

  4. Seems like a good hotel, glad to know about it from your post. Well the factors mentioned makes it very enticing. The food and the rooms are special attractions. If I plan a trip to Bohol I will check this out.

  5. This looks amazing! The idea of having a private pool off of a villa sounds like heaven to me. I can actually see myself getting work done there, but also the private area of relaxation would be perfect. But if we couldn’t swing that, it looks like the junior suite is super comfortable, and that the grounds and open swimming pools are very inviting. And I’m betting when we aren’t at Amorita’s beach, my husband would be mighty tempted by those mountain bikes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. The hotel looks nice, I can see why you’re excited to staying there. The room looks cozy – my main consideration when choosing a hotel, apart from their location. But most of all, I wouldn’t mind cycling to get to lie in that hammock for a couple of hours with a book in hand. 🙂

  7. There is no doubt Amorita is one of the finest if not the finest places to stay once in Bohol. I remember when I used to work in a PR firm and we need to bring media friends for a familiarization tour. It took us almost half a year to book as the place is truly in demand.

    Looking at your photos and narrative, youve got to real good time and stay.

  8. I’ve stayed in Amorita for a couple of days also for free before, when I was on assignment with PAL (and with Hannah Reyes). I loved our stay there, the resort is so nice! Would definitely love to go back! (And hope to meet you IRL soon haha)

  9. oh wow!All reasons make me wanting to pack my suitcase for another holiday.Beach is one of the reasons or me to select such resort.And Green resorts are always my choice too.I am sure you had a fantastic holiday!

  10. Bohol looks beautiful, and the resort is amazing! The pool shots are super enticing, to be honest, and the rooms look beautiful. It does not hurt that this place is so dedicated to the environment, so, in short, would love to stay here 😀

  11. I’ve heard about Amorita before. I just forgot where. Perhaps one of my friends already went there. Your photos were screaming enjoyment. I might try Agoda too and also eyeing AirBnb soon.

  12. O M G! Amorita is another paradise!! You are so lucky to have stayed there for free. All the reasons you’ve enumerated are really quite true. I hope other travel agencies will have some raffle also and I’ll join. It’s a lovely treat if you bring your family there and let them see the grandiose scenes you saw as well. 🙂

  13. I love supporting businesses that are environmentally cautious and promote Green living. So, I would love to stay here. Plus, that infinity pool is UNREAL! Seems like a gorgeous spot in the Philippines!

  14. What a perfect getaway. Amorita looks incredibly gorgeous. The pool and! What a fantastic stay 🙂

  15. Ive never been to Bohol yet and were planning to visit Bohol on our anniversary. I had a friend who went here and they stayed in Amorita. They said it was a paradise and really worth the travel and money spent. From the looks of it and your review, it seemed like a romantic place for couples! I might consider this once we finalize our trip. The pool and the views made me just so excited! 🙂

  16. I’ve just been looking for places to visit in the Philippines over Christmas time and stumbled upon Bohol as an option. Sadly, I didn’t know about it before. But it looks so incredible, and you look to be having a really great time there.

  17. I love the idea of a green hotel. It’s so important to support those companies who make the effort to reduce their environmental impact. The food looks stunning, too. Might have to add this one to my bucket list.

  18. The Amorita Hotel sounds like it goes above and beyond to make your wildest dreams come true. I can picture myself reading at the secret beach or enjoying a massage at the Sea Tree Spa.

  19. Hitting a couple of birds with one stone is always awesome sense of accomplishment. This hotel is beautiful. I love the rooms they are so big and that food. Delicious.

  20. The Amorita looks like an idyllic place to just relax and enjoy life. The fact that it is certified green is really commendable. The place seems to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings without interfering with the environment. Definitely a place to getaway to.

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