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Hand Carry Luggage: Reasons why you need the American Tourister Curio


Curious About The Curio Mini? Here Are Reasons Why You Should Have It


One thing we all need when we travel is a  durable luggage. Often, we just jam all our stuff into whatever bag is available and we’re good to go on adventures! Checked-in baggages are not exactly handled smoothly by airlines, and unless you have a good luggage solution you run the risk of breaking stuff before you even land — both the bag and its contents. This has happened to me a couple of times.

This is primarily why I use an American Tourister Curio for all my luggage needs. Aside from having the assurance of a trusted brand by my side during my travels, the case offers a lot of practical functionality that could make it your perfect overseas buddy! If you want to #bringbackmore, then this is something you should be getting. Let me show you what I mean:

  1. It’s strong and safe.
    Durable Luggage

    The case is made of 100% polypropylene, a very strong plastic component. That means the case can withstand not only the pressure of bumps and crashes as you drag it along to your next terminal, it can also safely weather the weight of a bajillion other baggages being dumped above it during check-in. I admit, I used to wince when I see how some baggage handlers handle travelers’ stuff, thinking what could happen if my items underwent that kind of abuse. The Curio perfect for the little things that you don’t want crushed, from toiletries to gadgets to those pasalubong you wish to deliver in perfect condition

  2. It is lightweight and handy. American-Tourister-CurioAnd simply because the Curio is strong doesn’t mean it has to be made heavy like metal. The case is very light, and it doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to your baggage! You can really maximize your baggage allowance, whether you’re at 7 kilos or 20. It’s pretty handy too, with easily accessible zippers that allow you to pack and unpack effortlessly. You know your luggage is good when it protects your items sturdily yet moves out of the way when you need it to. The  American Tourister curio does just that.


  1. It’s colorful. American-Tourister-CurioThose who know my personality will know that I just love splashes of color. No dull blacks for Karla’s luggage! The Curio Mini comes in yellow and spicy peach so it doesn’t get lost in the sea of black. In practice, this means you can see your baggage from a mile away on the carousel, or anywhere else. It also adds a touch of personality!


For those looking for the more business-like black, the American TouristerCurio comes in that color, too.


  1. You can take it anywhere. American-Tourister-CurioWhen we talk about top-notch protection, we mean not just protection against bumps and falls. We also mean protection against the elements. Unlike fabric-clad cases, you wouldn’t have to worry where you’re going with the Curio.Whether it’s the sands of Egypt or the snow of Nepal, the Amazon rainfall or the tropical heat, this case will serve you well. The plastic also acts as a great insulator, so you can store items without fear of moisture doing damage! I’m not quite sure if it will survive being dropped from a cruise ship in the Pacific, but maybe this little fellow can handle even that ( I wouldn’t do it though)


  1. It’s really efficient.American-Tourister-Curio They say that the best shape for holding anything at all is a box. This is why the Curio  does not have any excess bells and whistles that can just get in the way when all you want to do is just #bringbackmore from your travels. This is where American Tourister shows their years of experience in crafting practical luggage solutions. The whole case is just right, and the compartments are just the right size for whatever you wish to fit here. I love how it seems more roomy that other cases out there, with the same size! And believe me, I’ve used plenty since I started traveling.


Let’s not forget — the primary purpose of your luggage is to hold your stuff. The Curio does that, and does that well.

But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!  I’m taking my American Tourister Curio to Hong Kong  next week. Those who have been anywhere in this country will know that it is a shopping haven! There’s just so much to buy and take home. Here, the Curio proved its mettle by letting me #bringbackmore goodies for by friends and loved ones. There’s enough goodies to go around for everyone!

What could you do in your travels with a case like the Curio? With that kind of peace of mind, I’m pretty sure you could #bringbackmore memories, too!

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