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Where to Stay in Taipei : Amba Ximending Hotel Review


We were in Taipei for 9 days during rainy and storm  season.  In between our trips, we preferred to take a break and stay in a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Ximending. I must say, Ximending was a good location to base in. We found Amba Ximending.

Reasons why you should stay in Amba Ximending 

  1. Location

To start off, Amba Ximending Hotel is a luxury hotel under the Amba Hotel Group. It’s located at the heart of Ximending, a quick 7 minute walk away from Ximen Station. And for this reason, it’s a perfect springboard for jumping right into the Taipei experience. It’s a lively area even at night so it’s great for shopping and looking for restaurants.

  1. Food TripTaipei-Streetfood-Karlaroundtheworld Taipei-Streetfood-Karlaroundtheworld Taipei-Streetfood-Karlaroundtheworld

There is a night market nearby where you can experience the tastes of Taiwan. Moreover, many of the recommended food places are in Ximending. You won’t have any trouble looking for interesting places to eat. Within walking distance, we found a lot of things that we had marked in our maps that we had to visit. Like MEAT UP, Modern Toilet, Alice is Coming and of course, the street food. Including the famous noodle soup is found just in the vicinity.

  1. Eco-FriendlyAmba-boutique-hotel-taipiei

Their concept includes creative design of spaces combined with an eco-friendly theme to promote eco-tourism. All their bathroom amenities are organic. I honestly loved their ginger shampoo. Plus, you’ll get rubber flip flops (instead of the cotton ones to promote recycling) that you can take home. You’ll encounter a lot of recycled material although it still looks chic and fits the bill as a luxury hotel.


  1. Quality Service

Their eco-friendly theme doesn’t hold them back from excellent service. They were proclaimed Wallpaper Magazine’s Best Business Hotel in September 2012, and they opened in February of 2012. If you need anything, the staff are very friendly and approachable. The best part? Most of them speak English.


  1. Instagrammable


 Even their building looks really cool. You can expect the same stylish flare when you walk into the building, too. Everything about the place — from the lobby to the rooms — is so IG-worthy. You’ll want to take lots of pictures around the hotel.


  1. Money Exchange


At the reception, you’ll notice cute exchange rate signs on the counter. If you have money in other currencies, you need not fret about finding a money exchange outlet outside. The staff can change your money for you.


  1. Gym Alternatives


While it is practically standard for hotels to have a swimming pool and gym, sadly, Amba Ximending doesn’t have either of those. But do not fret, as you can borrow yoga balls and a mat. Their spacious rooms means you have plenty of space to do your exercises in the comforts of your own room.

  1. Ice Machines


Another special part about this hotel is that each floor, they have an ice machine. You can get ice yourself. It’s hassle-free, so you can have all the cold drinks you want during your stay.


  1. Free Laundry


Speaking of utility, Amba Ximending hits another nail on the head as they have a laundry area on the sixth floor and it’s free of charge!

  1. Breakfast


Your complimentary breakfast comes with a choice of either Taiwanese or American breakfast. It’s a buffet so feel free to eat to your heart’s content. What stood out was the congee and soy milk soup. Both were great and they go splendidly with dumplings or buns. For salad, you have lots of choices for veggies and sauces for your salad creation. They also have cereals and a variety of meat cuts and cheese to go with your bread.


  1. Community Hall


Their community hall has an organic vibe, perhaps due to the potted plants, wood, and the abundance of sunlight in the morning. It’s a good place to relax and take pictures.


  1. Spacious Rooms


We got the extra large room. The interiors were simple but stylish and the room was spacious. White walls were contrasted with earthy browns makes it feel very homey. Surprisingly complementary is the sleek furniture and pop of color that makes it look very modern and chic.


  1. Restaurant and Bar


Their restaurant are a pair, named Chiba, and Tingba respectively. Like the rest of the hotel, the aesthetics of both are superb and you’ll definitely want to take pictures, along with their Legacy Inn concert area. We stayed at Tingba Bar and had a few drinks — New York Sour, Strawberry Margarita, and a Baileys and milk tea drink. Most of them were great, but I really enjoyed the Baileys the most. The staff were friendly so we bonded a lot over our time there.


  1. A good night’s rest


No matter what extra features a hotel may have, the most important will always be its ability to provide a restful sleep for the weary traveler. We got just that, and had a good slumber on their comfortable beds. We woke up feeling recharged and ready to tackle the day ahead.


The Amba Hotels look great. We had a terrific time at Amba Ximending. It provides both comfort and convenience so it’s a great choice of hotel for a tour of Taipei. Not only will you get to take awesome pictures, you’ll have a good place to get some shut-eye for the rest of your trip.

Amba Boutique Hotel Ximending


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