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Where to stay in Meteora, Greece : Alsos Guest House, Finding a Haven in Meteora


Wherever you may be in the world, it’s important to find a place you can call home even for just a short time. But wouldn’t it be awesome if that home could be like a tourist spot in itself?

This was the kind of experience I had when I stayed in Alsos Guest House, one of the most prominent of its kind around the giant monoliths of Meteora. Alsos Guest House is located in Kalambaka (also spelled Kalampaka or Kalabaka), and is just 10-15 minutes away by foot from the town center. It is a classy, rustic apartment, run by a family and catering specifically to budget travelers. Whether you are on the road solo or trekking with family and friends, Alsos Guest House is a great place to stay.

Here are some of the other reasons why this should be your go-to lodging should you find yourself in this side of Greece.

Amazing location.


One of the first things you will notice upon coming to Alsos is how it uses the rocks of Meteora as a backdrop. In fact, it is just near the foot of the rock that leads up to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity! It is a truly amazing location, and you get breathtaking views whether it’s day or night.

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Excellent host.


Yiannis greeted me warmly as I stepped foot in the guest house, and he made sure all our needs are taken care of. Indeed, Alsos offers a great array of services on demand, from a doctor to a hairdresser, from laundry to postal services! Yiannis runs a really smooth ship, and his staff are no less cordial. It’s amazing how the staff is multilingual, and always up for a conversation. You could spend some time on the front desk just to talk about the area, get your bearings, and get some tips on how to proceed. Even if you don’t, guests are given a free map of the Meteora area upon arrival.

Breakfast with a view.


Among the on-request amenities available is a breakfast that you can take in your room or in the communal area. Early morning is a great time to appreciate Meteora, as the sun’s rays creep across the jagged landscape.

Great rooms.

Also's-Guesthouse-Meteora Also's-Guesthouse-Meteora Also's-Guesthouse-Meteora

The rooms are all big and spacious, and are clean! There are rooms with a kitchenette and an outdoor balcony, so you also get a view here. The kitchenettes are well stocked with condiments and even a stove, but a communal kitchen is also available in case you need more. WiFi is also available for free at Alsos, so you can get connected anywhere you are.

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Really safe.


There was a feeling of being super safe within Alsos, but that extends to Kalambaka in general. Maybe it’s because the town is so small you can walk alone even at night and no one will harm you. Maybe the population of monks living nearby also helps. It still pays to be mindful, but it isn’t some place like Athens where you always have to keep an eye out for your valuables.

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Alsos is a great place to stay and appreciate the beauty of Meteora, and it’s also a great hangout for travelers to meet and swap stories. Do yourself a favor and book here when you visit Meteora — it’s just the missing piece for an amazing vacation!


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