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Complete Travel Guide Murchison Falls National Park

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  What is Murchison Falls National Park          Murchison Falls National Park, also known as Kabalega National Park, is Uganda’s largest and oldest safari park. Aptly named after its most popular landmark, the Murchison Falls, the park was established in 1952  by the British administration but was originally gazetted as a wildlife

22 Uganda Travel Tips for First Timers

Uganda Travel Guide

With Uganda’s activities lined up for tourism, more and more travelers are enthralled to visit the country this year. It is Africa like no other: with tourist-friendly people and off-beaten tracks that are to the next level. But before you enjoy the safaris or the trek for a mountain gorilla,

24 Hours to Explore Nairobi: Best things to see in Nairobi

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  Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and largest city. Most people would think that since it’s a city, there isn’t anything to see but skyscrapers. But Nairobi offers an adventure unlike any other places, all within its city’s limits. If you’re in Nairobi and only have 1 day to explore, I highly