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5 Safety Tips When Using Your New Vacuum Cleaner

Beko Vacuum Cleaaner

A new vacuum cleaner is the perfect addition to your home to make cleaning much faster and easier. When used properly, vacuum cleaners are a step to living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. However, our excitement may sometimes make us pay no mind to safety precautions, which may lead to potential hazards for both ourselves and the appliance.

Following safety precautions prevent us from getting into potential accidents, and in doing so, we also care for our vacuum cleaner and prolong the lifespan of our appliance. Here are 5 safety tips that you need to follow when using your new vacuum cleaner in the house. 

1.   Empty the canister often.

When using a vacuum cleaner with a full dust bag or canister, its suctioning ability will not be as effective as a well-cleaned vacuum. Additionally, the hose might clog if the dust bag is kept filled with dust for an extended time. Thus, frequently empty your vacuum canister to prolong your model’s lifespan and for a more thorough cleaning every time.

2.   Never vacuum on a wet surface. 

While there are some specialized vacuums that can also suck up liquids, most commercial vacuum cleaners are not compatible with use on wet surfaces. Unless the manufacturer explicitly said that your model works on wet floors, avoid doing so to prevent the risk of electric shocks and damaging the vacuum’s motor.

3.   Avoid picking up large objects.

The vacuum cleaner is primarily designed to pick up small particles like dust and dirt which you may otherwise have a hard time reaching. Thus, it is not meant to be used to pick up larger objects like coins and small plastic toys. The same goes for sharp objects such as glass, nails, screws, and other things that will scratch up and destroy the inside of your appliance.

To tidy large and solid objects, it’s safer and more efficient to manually pick up the object or sweep the mess with a broom before using a vacuum cleaner to remove the microparticles.

4.   Pay attention to the power cords.

One of the more common accidents when vacuuming is tripping over the power cords. Always be mindful of your surroundings when vacuuming to prevent going over the cords and other potential hazards. When using the vacuum cleaner in areas far from the socket, never pull on the cord as it may loosen the power connection and cause a short.

Additionally, avoid bending the cord on sharp corners as it can cut or overstretch the wire over time. You may also consider getting a cordless vacuum cleaner to forgo the limitations of your cords. A high-quality selection, like the Beko PowerClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, can help you reach those hard-to-reach corners and awkward areas like your stairs.

5.   Keep children and pets away when vacuuming.

We know how your young kids and pets can get very curious when the vacuum cleaner is in use. In order to prevent any accidents, keep them at a safe distance whenever you’re vacuuming. Or when you have to leave the vacuum unattended, make sure to unplug and switch it off before leaving the room.

After use, the vacuum cleaner should be stored away from the hands of your little ones, and ideally in a cool and dry location.

Keeping your home spic-and-span is one of the key ways of living a healthy lifestyle. And with a high-quality and dependable vacuum cleaner, cleaning your home is made faster and easier. But remember to always use your vacuum cleaner properly and mindfully by following safety precautions to keep your home accident-free.

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