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13 ways to show why a malong is a MUST have wherever you go

13 ways to show why a malong is a MUST have wherever you go 8

Why a Malong is a Must Have Wherever You Go

Malong is the traditional “tube skirt” I used to think it was used only as a costume for Philippine Folk dances. I was first introduced to the malong in sophomore high when we had to do a field dance that showed its many uses.

Now, as an explorer and adventurer, I have been reintroduced to the world of it and I have never traveled without it since then:

Let me show you why:

1.As a skirt, in Bali;

  1. My weapon for cold weather, in Kiltepan, Sagada;

3, As a neck accessory. Plain shirt? No worries… use the malong as an accent;

  1. To battle the heat;

  1. Run wild, and free;


  1. For a good sunset photo;

or sunrise, for that matter;

  1. As an ethnic print bag;

  1. To avoid getting scratches while hiking through thick grass;

  1. See what we did? We can lay our malongs on the ground and sleep;

  1. At hostels, homestays, or wherever, I use the malong as an extra layer of protection;

  1. As a towel (it dries up fast, believe me);

  2. Best of all, whether we are hiking, surfing, or wherever we are, we no longer need a bathroom to change. We can simply “enter” a malong and change in it.

  1. Last but not the least, you can turn it into a dress, pants, or whatever. Style it however way you want to.

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75 thoughts on “13 ways to show why a malong is a MUST have wherever you go

  1. I own a malong… or two. I think it’s a great cover up and an awesome skirt too. I love using it as a blanket as well. It sure has a lot of uses and I appreciate it so much! Thanks for sharing the other ways to use a malong! Love the bag idea!

  2. I love my own malong too! To add, it can also be used as a handy dressing room for women! bwahahaha mobile dressing room. When we visit places, and girls need to change clothes, Malong is the best! hahaha may taga hawak nga lang dapat. haha

  3. Wow, how many ideas to wear a malong. I don’t have one yet, but it’s good to know what options are to wear it!

  4. I have never heard of one before but it seems that it is something that could come in so handy whilst travelling, especially in places where you must cover your head when you might not be prepared.

  5. Malong is a very unique piece of garment. I used to have one and now i couldnt find it

  6. Oh no, how did this happen?! We did TOTALLY miss out on this in the Philippines! And this thing I want! We’re trying to come back, which will hopefully work out (fingers crossed :D) and we should sure get one! or more 😉

  7. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Malong is something pretty new for me, but I just love that you have so many reasons to make sure it is a must have item where ever you go.

  8. Very cool! I love how versatile a malong is! I have a huge square scarf that I use in a similar fashion. They are perfect to carry around and useful in so many ways!

  9. How is this different from a sarong? Maybe we called it a sarong in Singapore/ Malaysia! You provide funny but practical reasons for having one! Now I’m tempted to get one too!

  10. I see you travel with your skirt a lot! I guess every traveler has their own favorite piece of clothes. There is never too much space in the suitcase I guess. The less I take, the more stronger relation I have with my things. Hope to see your further travels with the skirt:)

  11. I have a Malong! My mom got it from Indonesia for me, she was an Expat there for a whole year. I sleep in it actually and it’s my favorite since it stays on the whole night unlike the usual blankets we have haha. Very useful indeed and the material is so soft too! Too bad my aunt took a liking to it took it haha. Maybe it’s time for an Indonesian trip for the sake of getting some Malongs!

  12. Great tip, dear! 😉 As a Filipina like you, I can stand by your recommendation for a ‘malong’ since it’s really handy! It can transform into anything! I met a guy once who brought his own malong and used it as a ‘head hammock’ while we’re riding a jeepney up a rocky mountain. I was so jealous of how comfortable he looked LOL

  13. Boy! You sure love traveling. hehe You take so many good shots. Is it possible for me to tag along in one of your trips in the future? hehe 🙂

  14. This is such an entertaining list. You are very imaginative with your ideas, out of the box. I like that instant changing room! There are some virgin islands in the country (like White Island in Camiguin, where there is nothing else but sand) where a malong change room can come in handy. – Fred

  15. o wow, I love malong. very versatile especially for a travel blogger like me. I used to have a collection of malong, but I started giving it out to my nieces who asked for it 🙂

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