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12 Places you must see in Siquijor

12 Places you must see in  Siquijor 27

“Magical” is how I would describe Siquijor.

I have heard about it long before because of the myths  and legends usually attached to it, but never did I imagine that visiting the island just a ferry ride from Dumaguete would bring a different meaning to “magical” for me.  Many perceive it to be filled with things supernatural, but instead, the place is a perfect vacation spot—–providing a welcome contrast of outdoor activities, water sports, peace, quiet, and relaxation. Plus, since it is not too crowded with tourists, you will definitely be able to find your own private nook, if you choose to just be one with nature.


12 Reasons  why you should Visit Siquijor

  1. Impersonate Tarzan and Jane by swinging at Cambughay Falls


2. Visit Lugnason Falls

3. Jump a 22-ft cliff at Salagondoong Beach

4. Swim in the clear Blue waters of Kagusuan Beach and Salagondoong Beach

5. Have a free fish footspa under the centuries-old Balete Tree

6. Kayak and Snorkel

7. Go Old church hopping 8.  Visit the Mangroves

9. Top Load on a Multi cab and enjoy the scenery10. Enjoy Coco Grove Beach Resort


11. Enjoy Endless Photoshoots

12. Watch Beautiful Sunsets

How to get there from Manila:

  1. Take a 1-hour flight to Dumaguete.
  2. Upon arrival, , depending on your group size. take a tricycle, taxi or van to the port.
  3. From there, take a ferry to Siquijor.

Check out the ferry schedule . Travel time can be as short as 1 hour or as long as 2 hours depending on which boat you will take.

A lot of people do Siquijor as a day trip from Dumaguete. In our case, we decided to stay longer,  and it was the best decision we made.


43 thoughts on “12 Places you must see in Siquijor

  1. The first time I heard Siquijor I believe is from a beauty contest, not sure if it was Mutya ng Pilipinas or BB Pilipinas. I just remember thinking that it’s a unique name. The host also asked the candidate about the reputation of her province, that it is home to “mangkukulam” and “aswang.” But I have many friends who have been there now and they say it is a beautiful place.

    I wonder if it’s safe for a solo female traveler. I think I want to do this trip alone.


    1. It is pretty safe. I also pre-warned my family to be cautious and friendly because of those beliefs but when we were there people were so friendly and it felt safe naman. A friend of mine went alone and she enjoyed it too. A lot of people go for a day trip from Dumaguete but if you have the time, spend the night there. It is also a good place to just be quiet and reflect and be surrounded by nature 🙂

  2. I think I will have to add this spot to my bucket list. I spent a bit of time in the Philippines but mostly in Manila for work. Great photos.

  3. Just buying my ticket as a type 😉 You have sold Siquijor well, not that it needed much selling. I love places with lagoons and water holes. Perfection.

  4. I haven’t heard of this place before and it looks amazing . Thanks for sharing it with us. The fact that it’s not packed with tourists makes it even better!

  5. I have not yet been to the Philippines, but your photos certainly make me want to go there. I know a trip there is in my future, as the Philippines is producing some excellent chocolate and that is my focus.

  6. All the pictures you took are captivating. Siquijor will now be included to my travel wishlist. I just wish that I can go to all the places you’ve went there. I doubt that 2 days is enough.

  7. Cliff diving is what I love to do..hahahaha….and those photos of the relaxing indeed!

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