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Unicorn Origami Travel Organizer

Origami Unicorn Travel Organizer

There are travelers who concern themselves with organizing only the more sizeable objects in their luggage, particularly shirts, pants and the like, and then choosing to insert the smaller ones, like undergarments and socks, into the leftover space available. While that approach does seem sensible to some, I personally find

Jambu Hemlock Shoes

I’ve always believed that one of the most important, if not the most important, point of consideration when traveling is footwear. I’m the kind of traveler who would always prefer exploring a new place by foot over doing it by a car or bus. So naturally, a huge chunk of

Yosi Samra is Great for Travel

Whether it's summer or the Holidays, it's always a great idea to travel during your vacation. When you pack your bags for the trip, you'd be choosing what you take with you carefully since you have to pack light while still having everything you need. This is doubly true for

Sony RX100 III : My Travel Companion

Sony RX100 III : My Travel Companion

Sony RX 100 III In a day and age where virtually every tablet and smartphone has a camera, some people feel that a stand-alone camera is redundant—but I definitely disagree! As someone who loves going to new places and documenting everything there is to see and do, both for my memories