High Up in Ronda’s Embrace


  When people think of “Ronda”, the first thing many will think of is that superstar MMA fighter with killer armbars. Well, I’ve been to Ronda, and I surely didn’t suffer any judo throws along the way. On the contrary, I was struck with one of the most beautiful views I’ve

A Day in Oxford


When the word “Oxford” is mentioned, the first thing that would come to people’s minds will be the prestigious English university. However, like most other prestigious universities around the world, Oxford University has also birthed an entire settlement around it. In this case, an entire city — one that’s a

Devour Madrid: Best way to start your Madrid Trip


Of Tapas and Tours: A Night in Madrid Madrid has always been one of the most frequented tourist spots in the world. It’s like a dream as you walk through its wide and beautiful streets, and as you look at the palatial buildings. The culture is just as interesting, from the


Making Meat Matter More  Since time immemorial, meat has been one of the most important parts of man’s everyday meal. Over time, we have developed different means of preparation and techniques of cooking. But the quest to perfect the meat dish still continues to this very day. Such is the motivation



Discovering Sobremesa   For Filipinos, meal time is always the perfect time to get together. Like many parts of our culture, this has been influenced by the old Spanish custom of “sobremesa”, pertaining to after-meal talks. After lunch or dinner, sobremesa gives you time to have a conversation with the people who