Best Places to View New York Skyline


Walking on the streets of New York always feel magical especially for tourists, for how can a foreign land feel so familiar and yet you have never seen anything like it either.   Whatever reason you are here, you’ve never really seen anything until you have visited some of these iconic spots:   911

Unicorn Origami Travel Organizer

Origami Unicorn Travel Organizer

There are travelers who concern themselves with organizing only the more sizeable objects in their luggage, particularly shirts, pants and the like, and then choosing to insert the smaller ones, like undergarments and socks, into the leftover space available. While that approach does seem sensible to some, I personally find

Must see in Central Park with Gotham City Tours

  Central Park is the first park in America and its beautiful landscapes made it one of the most photographed and filmed place in the city.   When in New York, make sure you visit these top places in Central Park: Bethesda Terrace This is the location of the grand Bethesda Fountain or more locally