Ananti Resort : A time for Spa and Relaxation when in Greece

Exploring ANANTI   Sometimes, the best places to stay in are not in the middle of a bustling city. In my travels, I have encountered a lot

Porto Vintage Guest House

Homey Little Place in Porto: Porto Vintage Guest House

Porto Vintage Guest House By: Audrey Trinidad It was gloomy, the day we arrived in Porto. From the train station, we took a quick cab ride to


Unique San Diego

7 Unique Things to Do in San Diego

Home to more than 70 miles worth of sandy beaches, San Diego is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world for beach

Washington, DC

Ultimate Guide to Washington, DC

Feasting in the Capital When the news refers to the US in a nickname, they call it “Washington”. Not “New York”, where the stock exchange is.